Man accused of threatening customers with pellet gun at North Carolina Walmart

First it’s drowning the news with pellet gun crimes. I have reported countless stories nation wide concerning pellet guns. These aren’t the stories about kids being out of control with pellet guns. These were drive by shootings, random attacks, assaults, sniper attacks, and even attacks on police. We recently had a “mass shooting” at Walmart. Now we have a man…

One California police officer killed, two injured in Riverside gun battle

For a state with an A+ in gun law rating by the Gifford Law Group, California sure does have a lot of shooting deaths. Did that shooter know that California is a crime free zone? How did this happen? Did the shooter have liability insurance for the gun he used? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/08/13/los-angeles-riverside-california-shooting-police-head-to-the-scene.html

T.A.C Logo Is Done

We have the T.A.C Blog Logo finished. • The Phoenix represents us rising from the ashes of Disqus. • The Shield carries our name The Armed Citizens. Only we will know what T.A.C stands for. Anyone surfing the net our seeing the emblem will not know. • The Shield represents the defense of God, Country, Family, and the Constitution. •…

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