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A Knife For The Wilderness

If you have been on the blog today, you have seen what is running loose in the wild. Unlike the animals of Hollywood, real animals are dangerous, and they don’t have “human qualities”. They don’t make friends with people. They don’t “commune”. They are either trying to eat, not get eaten, mate, or defending their young and territory. A human…

MISSING RIDDLE Amelia Bambridge – Last pics of missing Brit backpacker, 21, taken hours before she vanished at Cambodia beach party

THE last footage of missing Amelia Bambridge has emerged as her distraught sister made a desperate plea to find her today. Amelia, 21, disappeared after a beach party on tourist island Koh Rong, Cambodia, on Wednesday night. Her 19-year-old sister Georgie told the BBC: “She’s my best friend. “We were like twins, she’s literally my other half. “We need to…

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