For those of you who are unaware, there is a rebellion in France. It is being named the Yellow Vest movement. These are French citizens who are tired of the Globalist stranglehold on their country. Their President Emmanuel Macron had proposed an ongoing “Green Diesel Tax” (sounds familiar?) which would drive diesel prices up 7 cents per gallon and continue forward to fund research and development of “Green Sustainable Alternative Fuel”. Diesel is already $7 a gallon in France. Fed up with the taxation without representation, the French started protesting en mass across the country. 2 weekends ago 300k protesters donned Yellow Safety Vests, mandatory in every car in France for roadside safety, and protested across France. You may be completely unaware of this since MSM doesn’t give it much coverage, if any at all.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with The Armed Citizen? Why am I bringing up some protesters from across the Atlantic? Said all that to say this. The reason the First and Second Amendment are under attack continually, is because the deep state Globalist government is scared out of their minds that armed US Citizens will do the same here, but this country is not disarmed. In order to keep their power in place, they can not have people speaking their minds via the 1st Amendment, not support their right to do so with the Second Amendment. The Yellow Vest Movement has spread to 5 countries with Sweden being the latest to join. What is Sweden protesting? Forced Islamic Immigration via the signing of the UN Immigration Pact. The people want the Islamic elements removed and no future immigrants being allowed in, sound familiar?

All the countries in Europe are disarmed with the exception of Switzerland. I hear from anti gunners all the time… “What are you going to do against the government’s tanks and planes?” France has a military force with tanks and planes, guess what their President did? He bowed to the protesters and abolished the Green Diesel Tax permanently. The French did this with nothing but Yellow Safety Vests, the will and fortitude to no longer accept Tyrany, and a pair of balls. And they aren’t done… they want the President to resign. It should go without saying, the President of France is a leftist Soros funded Muppet. If France were not disarmed, and there were an AR15 behind every Yellow Vest, (some LEO has joined the movement and are standing down and joining the protesters, mostly support personnel), the Tyrany would have been erased.

For all the criticism I have placed upon the French, and their propensity to be soft, I have to give them credit for what they have achieved to this point. This should be a wake up call to all of us who live under the ridiculous and unconstitutional laws in our own country. We are not disarmed. We will see our own point of no return as the Globalists continue their push to erase the 2A, and suppress the 1A. At some point IF they don’t relent, we don’t vote them out office, or indict and convict the unlawful ones, we will rise as well.

Imagine 100 million gun owners marching in Hunter Orange Safety Vests demanding the removal of corrupt government officials, and the end of “open borders”. We have a voice, we have our freedom, we are the majority, and at some point we will have to exercise both to keep them. The world is changing at incredible speeds. Be prepared, be active, be aware, be Americans. The movement in Europe is coming to America at some point IF the corruption in our government does not stop. The Yellow Vest Movement is a shot heard across the world with not a single gun fired. If it can change the laws of France, our firearms and Patriots have much more power to do the same IF necessary. The 2A isn’t about hunting, it’s about self preservation.

As always, thank you for your support, and recommend and spread the news about our channel. We are here to unite like minded people, and to share and learn how to keep ourselves self sufficient in dangerous and ever changing world. If you are not an Armed Citizen, become one. If you already are, arm the rest. God Bless America, and long live the Republic.

Notice how these citizens didn’t cover their faces. They are not Antifa. They are ordinary every day neighbors, friends, and colleagues.




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