Some times you want a gun just because you want it. You ignore the following things:

1) It’s not the best bang for the buck.
2) You have no real use for it.
3) There are better performing guns in the same and different platforms.
4) There guns that shoot the same caliber in hotter loads, and are more durable.
5) You already have one of the better performing guns.
6) You had one before, and you moved on from it.

Instead, you focus on these things:

1)You miss having it in your collection.
2)You like collecting that maker’s guns.
3)You realize you really love 1911s.
4) Polymer isn’t sexy.
5) Delta Elite Grips are sick.

This is how Colt has managed to stay in business even after the glory days of the “Snake” guns, and being surpassed by countless other 1911 manufacturers in quality and performance. MIM parts and meh finishes replaces the old Colt Royal Blue and bright stainless finish. The company is living on a legendary name, and the romance of their once untouchable brand. I won’t spend the money on the old school Colt 1911s. They are over priced, even for their quality. But I can’t help but want a two tone Delta Elite.

For those who are not familiar with the gun, there is a 2nd generation which has been out since around 2012, and the failed version is now being introduced. I’m not a big fan of the series 80 style or a railed 1911. However the 2nd generation comes without a rail as well.……



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