New from SHOT Show 2019 this year is another offering from Taurus. I know Taurus deserves some flack from their lemons in the past, but as of late, they have been innovative and have produced a reliable product. Case in point is their G2C, which has gotten great reviews from the gun community, including me. For 2019 they are introducing the TX22. The concept is to build a 22lr striker pistol from the ground up. The primary purpose is for competition, however, I can see it being employed in a self defense role for those who are recoil sensitive or the elderly.

One of my biggest gripes about 22lr pistols is their capacity. The round itself is less potent than nearly all calibers we consider to be self defense rounds. Add to that, most semi auto 22lr pistols are limited to a 10 shot magazine. That combination is not ideal for self defense. The TX22 will come from the factory with two 16 round magazine which fit flush with the gun. The overall looks of the TX22 is typical of any polymer modern full size combat handgun. That is to say, it doesn’t look cartoonish like the offerings from Kel Tec. From the footage I have seen thus far, it appears to run well. It will also come with options for threaded barrels for suppressors.

As with all ammunition, the ballistic performance of 22lr has improved vastly in the last decade. An example is the CCI’s Copper round which can reach 1261 FPS in a 4.5 inch barrel. A gun stoked with 16 plus one rounds with this round or Stingers could do some damage. This is not to say that I would recommend the 22lr as the top choice for self defense. However, it does push the 22lr option up the chart for a choice of self defense. Better shot placement due to less felt recoil is an advantage, for the slight of frame or elderly. With 16 plus one chances to get the job done, it’s better than giving grandma a 357 snubby for her bed side gun. Another advantage is it won’t blow your ear drums out if you have to shoot it indoors. Lastly, I think it would make a great woods gun to bag squirrels or rabbits on the fly. Let’s hope Taurus hits it out of the ball park. MSRP is $330, so street price should be $270-$300 once actual pricing settles down.


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