Good news for Taurus and Laser fans. Typically speaking, a revolver with a laser will run in the $600-$1000 dollar mark, depending on the brand of laser and revolver a person may opt for. The Crimson Trace lasers retail for $300 on most models. Add that to a $300-$700 revolver, and one can see how I arrived at the price point. Gladly, you now have an alternative should you decide to purchase a laser equipped revolver.

For the novice, or non aficionados in the group, spending upwards of $1000 dollar for industry standard weapons, and gear, may not be economically feasible and/or desirable. A person who just wants an easy to use, and effective self defense tool may consider the Taurus option. Viridian is a solid brand in the light and laser world. Teamed up with the Taurus 856 models, this makes a reasonably priced alternative to the top end Smith and Wesson or Kimber Crimson Trace combinations. Once properly sighted, the laser can help give beginner shooters confidence and ease of operations under stress. If you are a beginner, your local gun range or CCW instructor can assist you with sighting your laser, and train you in its operations.

For those with less than perfect eyesight, lasers can be a great help. An added bonus is the psychological effect a laser has on an opponent. No one, good guy or bad guy, likes getting painted with a red or green dot on their person. This in itself is a deterrent. If pointed in the eye, it will cause temporary blindness. Lastly, the laser is a very good dry fire training tool. A person can see how manipulating a trigger can alter the point of impact. Where the laser dot ends up at the completion of the trigger pull is where the shot will impact. The point of impact is not where you point it. This is very important in training a new shooter.

So if you have always wanted a laser on your gun, but didn’t think you can afford it, now you have an option. Taurus is showing a retail price of $469-$489, which means street prices should be around $375-$400 if not a little less depending on how well you shop. 



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