Day 2 is done. The guys at the shop have some big orders to add to their inventory. Some cool guns were ordered. B set up a couple of cool things from familiar names and some big names. We will have some neat stuff lined up for Feb and March.

We met Hank Strange and talked to him for a good while. If you’re a youtube gun person you will know who he is. Super cool person in real life and he talked to us for awhile. He says YouTube is suppressing the SHOT Show videos and even his videos are getting as many views as last year. He also said the industry will continue to move away from using SHOT Show to release new products. They will be introducing products before SHOT and using SHOT to promote the product.

I got a close and up from look at the Colt Python. It looks and feels pretty darn close to the original in my personal opinion, and is an improvement over the original in strength and long term reliability based on what a Colt rep told me.

We weren’t able to get Taurus to give us a demo of the 856 3 inch revolver, but feeling it in hand and cycling it, it seemed to be a solidly built gun with a smooth trigger pull. The fit and finish are good, and it appears to be a good candidate for a trail gun.

We did get some pics of the various Taurus 1911 models.

We won’t be doing the podcast for the rest of the week since the Joe and Chis are flying back. We will be dropping the videos when they are edited and dropping them next week: Here.’s a snippet of what we saw today.

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