Indiscriminate gun violence, while still rare, seems to be re-emerging across the country.
In June, a gunman shot and killed four people in the northern city of Darwin. And last year, seven people, including four children, were found dead from gunshot wounds. It was the country’s worst mass shooting in more than 20 years.
New South Wales, the state that includes Sydney, is often described as Australia’s least restrictive jurisdiction when it comes to protection from guns because it allows the use of silencers, has removed a requirement that people provide a reason for owning extra firearms and does not limit ammunition purchases.

Gun control will not work. If people wanted gun control, “powerful gun lobbyists” would not be “powerful” because they would have no support from people. People across the world have found out how useless gun control is at preventing gun control. They have also learned how useful it is for criminals and the ruling class.

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