I had intended to purchase this gun for a review a few months back, but other guns I couldn’t pass up got in the way. The way things look at the moment, I think I should be back up for range reviews by January, after the holidays. By then, I already have guns stacked up for reviews, and I’ll have more guns acquired by then.

Another reason I didn’t pick up this Ruger Security 9 is because it’s too darn dependable and affordable. It’s a huge local seller. The price point, capacity, reliability, and the usual Ruger quality makes it pointless to review. It would be a boring review to a certain degree.

Everything I have read about it, handling it in person, and the lack of return to factory or gun shop history, tells me it’s a great buy for a first time buyer or as a primary carry gun for someone on a budget. It’s $330 out the door in Joe’s shop last I checked. I suspect there will be sales and rebates during the holiday season.

The latest offering comes with a laser for an additional $60 on MSRP. I would expect it to be $360-$375 out the door, if not less. This would be a great gun for a lady not familiar with guns. Once the laser is properly sighted in, it makes the gun a lot more user friendly, particularly if your eye sight is fading, or you will be using it in low light conditions. For more information on this latest Ruger model, please click on the attached link below.

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