It’s been crazy busy the last couple weeks, and it will be getting busier for me going into the spring. I’m putting in a lot of time at the shop, and having a great time. As it stands, I will probably be in the shop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as the weekend. If I don’t post often, that’s we’re I’m at. I’ll be relying on GP to handle things. Thanks GP!

In the meanwhile, I did pick up a couple of new guns over the weekend. The first is the Rock Island VR 80 Semi Auto Shotgun. It comes with a weird stock which is necessary for importation. This shotgun became available in 2019, but has been hard to get. It has become very popular in 3 gun competition. I opted to remove the stock that came with it, and install a MFT Minimalist stock. Our good buddy and in house gun smith at MMP Guns, Randy, did the installation. Thanks Randy! This is a stock picture as it comes out of the box.

I didn’t care for the California compliance style stock so we made it more streamlined. It looks a lot like an AR-10 in 308 now. The gun comes with 3 chokes as well as two 5 round box magazines. They have 9 round, 19 round box magazines as well as a 20 round drum. I’ll be ordering a couple of 9 round magazines as they are the most practical. The 19 round magazines are too cumbersome.

The 20 round drum is not made specifically for the VR80, and I’ll hold off until there are more reviews. It’s also heavy and the gun already weights 9 lbs unloaded. This will strictly be a range toy for me,. This is how I have it set up currently.

Joe is building a Draco AK-47. As soon as his gun is completed, we will head out to the desert and give both of them a run.

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