Last month on June 18th POF-USA Owner Frank Desomma was involved in a car accident in which he sadly passed away. People who knew or knew of Frank would know that he was a great innovator and his work in the firearms industry spoke volumes. His Legacy will continue through his work of quality firearms that will last a lifetime.

When I first found out that we would be filming our 3rd episode of Kickin’ Brass Podcast with no other than Mr. Patriot himself, I was beyond nervous and excited. I’ve met him a couple times before but never actually sat down and talked to him. As soon as we started recording I was blown away by all the knowledge this man had about his firearms and the AR platform. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable, but this man was on a another level. He was featured on our longest episode to date, but we had no idea because it felt like we were all friends, just hanging out.

Thank you Frank for the experience and words of wisdom. Rest easy brother!

Heres the episode we had with the legend himself. If you have not seen it, ENJOY!!

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