“We’re not pretentious. I’m not spreading a political message. I’m spreading a message of strong conservatism.”

Robinson believes there is a false narrative being spread by the media about racism in the Republican Party — “We’ve allowed other people to dictate the narrative and tell the story. I’ve not seen any racism in the Republican Party the whole time I’ve been in it.”

I love it. I’m Vietnamese. I’m not white. I’m American. The only racism I have seen against me comes mostly from people who aren’t white, or people who are upset because I don’t agree with them that white people are racist. Mark Robinson is spreading the right message.

He’s not a politician and he isn’t spreading a political message. Conservatism is just a label. What it represents is living right, and respecting the world we live in. There is a right and a wrong. The “gray area” in between is just an excuse or justification for all the things human beings want to do as opposed to the things they have to do.

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