There are very few politicians which I give credence to. I basically just don’t believe there are enough people in Congress who have more intelligence or integrity than I do. Considering I don’t consider myself to be the pinnacle of intelligence or virtue, that’s alarming. I have a lot of faults. I expect the leaders of this country to be operating at a much higher level than I do. They have the ultimate responsibility for the welfare and future of our nation. I shouldn’t be looking at a vast majority of politicians, and thinking I’m more capable of doing their job than they are.

Nick Freitas is one of the exceptions in that regard. Every time I hear this man speak, I hope and pray that he will be following in the footsteps of Donald Trump. I hope he puts his name in the hat for the presidency of the United States one day. Although he will have faults like all human beings do, he appears to have less of them than 90% of the Hill.

There are not too many politicians willing to call out Red Flag laws for what they are. They are a license for the government to take your property without due process, based solely on the accusations or opinions of any random stranger. Considering that the DNC and its voter base is anti gun ,and believes conservatives are dangerous, it’s obvious the intent of these laws. They allow the anti gun faction of this country to disarm law abiding gun owners based on nothing other than unsupported accusations.

It is also, as Nick Freitas notes, an open door to censorship. I, and anyone on this blog, would be open to being “Red Flagged” based on our comments and posts. That is the danger, and the root, of Red Flag laws. They are nothing more than legislation to quiet “political dissidents”. It is in wide use in every communist and tyrannical regime in history and the present.

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