With Shot Show around the corner, there’s many exciting rumors surrounding this gun extravaganza that have people on social media anticipating the possible release of brand new guns from certain manufacturersSo far,  Kel-tec has confirmed the release of two brand new guns – the KS7 shotgun and CP33 22LR pistol.  The KS7 consists of a single tube and what’s interesting is that it appears to be a slimmer version of the brand’s already popular KSG. Additionally, the KS7 contains a 7 round tube that is extendable to 10, and will also feature a protected triangular fiber optic inside combination sight channel and carry handle. This firearm is about 26 inches in length and is said to be two pounds lighter than the KSG while loaded, and only one pound lighter when unloaded. MSRP on this shotgun has not been announced yet.


THE KS7 Shotgun


Unfortunately with the  CP33 pistol,details are limited. And although it seems to resemble the PMR30,  it will be chambered in 22LR with a 33 round mag capacity. The CP33 will have a non-reciprocating operating handle at the rear of the upper,  and will come with a threaded barrel to add a muzzle device or suppressor. It will also feature a full length rail along with fiber optic sights.The MSRP of the CP33 is rumored to be around $475.



The CP33 22LR Pistol




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