The beloved Kommifornia Democratic Super Majority Legislature is trying to take one more bite into the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

AB 3071, sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin Mullin (D-22), prohibits the use of ammunition that has not been certified as lead free at sport shooting ranges and indoor ranges. It also prohibits shooting ranges from selling or giving away ammunition that has not been certified as lead free and requires signage that lead ammunition is prohibited for use at the facilities.  

The Governor already signed into law that no lead ammunition can be used in the State for hunting, but that law did not address target practice in the wild or at gun ranges.

The NRA site just says they will keep us informed. If you ask me they had better do something, anything in an attempt to stop this concerted effort to take away what very limited remaining 2A rights we have left on the left coast.

Background checks for gun and ammo purchases, Red Flag Laws, No lead ammo for hunting, One firearm purchase per month, Continued expansion of requirements for storage and transportation of firearms and ammo. 10 round magazine limit, Roster of Handguns allowed to be purchased, Kommifornia Compliant requirements for sporting rifles, and the list goes on.

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