I have never been a big fan of Kimber. I always thought they made a good gun, but always over priced. Kimber fans, like fans of any other maker, made the gun overly hyped in my opinion. There wasn’t any thing about the 1911s that put it at the top of the class. I had a Desert Warrior, a Stainless Target, and a Solo. They were good guns, but nothing that I had a problem trading or selling away.

When they came out with the K6, I was mildly intrigued. But again, the price point didn’t justify the purchase for me personally. Then Colt brought back the Cobra. I was eagerly anticipating the release, and was greatly disappointed. In my opinion, for a revolver in the K6 price range, the Cobra did not deliver. The Night Cobra did nothing for me either. Colt didn’t produce the same quality fit and finish of the old snake revolvers . While I have been told that the new Cobras are better built, and they may be, they just didn’t capture the same feeling for me. Just my opinion, nothing to do with the actual quality of the new Cobras, you can make up your own mind.

But now Kimber has done something I wish Colt had done. They just released a K6 in the deep blued finish that resembles the old “Colt Royal Blue” finish. Along with that, then included faux ivory G10 grips. If you were ever a fan of George Patton styled revolvers, this is great news. I don’t think there is anything more gorgeous than a glossy blued finish with ivory colored grips. I will need to see it in person, but the brief review in the attached link shows a very handsome old school style revolver. Also included is a stainless Evo for fans of that gun. But to me, the blued K6 is the show stopper.


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