Big shoutout to our followers on YouTube and everywhere else. We appreciate the support. When you’re a real non profit organization, and you digging money out of your own pockets, borrowing equipment, and depending on volunteer time and effort, the only reward you get is the time spent with fellow Patriots and the support of the viewers.

A huge thank you to Eric, Byron and MMP Guns. They could be using their resources on professional advertisers, so we truly appreciate the equipment, the rental of the gear for testing and evaluation for our projects. There are a lot of people in the gun business. And no one is in business to lose money. But it’s rare to see people put a cause ahead of profits and the dollar. The shop is like a 2nd home to me, and I try to bring that experience to the blog.

If it were not for companies like MMP Guns, and they are just a mom and pop shop (a big one), people like us would be silenced. Support your local gun shops. Support your local pro 2A, pro Constitution, pro America businesses. And if MMP Guns has an item you want or need, give them an opportunity for your business. As I have stated before, I hate advertising, and I hate pimping products. But because MMP Guns has never asked me to do anything on their behalf while treating me/us like family, I gladly endorse and recommend them. They have been great to me, and to our blog and YouTube channels.

Congratulations Joe, Byron, Chris…we’re just 2 months into it, and we are making a difference… at least in my opinion. I suppose we could eat laundry soap and go viral, but I’d rather build it one loyal follower at a time. Great job everyone… and last but not least… a personal THANK YOU for making my interwebs dream come to reality. I really appreciate all of you.

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