One thing is for sure Americans will never lose their guns, furthermore, the latest data shows numbers that will make liberals cry.

The Washington Times
 reported that 28.3 million checks were run on the FBI’s National Instant Check System last year. That included over 2.9 million in December, the month House Democrats voted to impeach the president on a party-line vote.

It’s pathetic to watch the liberal voter base get used like a box of tissues. Their politicians know that a push on gun control creates pro gun sentiments and increases ownership. The politicians don’t care because they live from one election to the next. They see the numbers we do.

The pathetic liberal DNC voters ignore the number of guns owned in this country. They ignore the number of gun owners who will not comply. They ignore the impossibility of stopping home made guns from being made. They ignore the impossibility of getting guns out of the hands of non compliant Americans. They pretend like outlawing drugs does nothing to stop the real epidemic of drug use. They are indeed muppets with Bloomberg’s hand shoved right up their loose ends.

Politicians are whore for votes, and their existence is only made possible by the stupidity of their voter base. Politicians are everything but stupid. They are cunning and vile liars. People aren’t born stupid, but they can be conned quite easily. “There is a sucker born every minute”.

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