The term “assault rifle” created by the media to herd the sheep to disarmament has been with us for as long as I can remember. The thought of an inanimate object assaulting anyone is beyond the boundary of absurdity. Demonizing an object due to the action and/or behavior of the user has also been common in society, even in the gun community. I remember when AK 47s were considered garbage guns and only owned by communists because they were used against US troops. I remember when German guns of WW2 were considered “Kraut Guns” and no real American would or should own one.

Fortunately, times have changed, at least in the gun community. Collectors and WW2 enthusiasts/enactors have brought back interest and into reality a reproduction of the Grand Daddy of the modern battle rifle, or “assault rifle”, the STG 44 Named “Sturmgewehr 44” by Hitler himself, the “Storm Rifle” (literal German translation), came about due to the evolution of modern warfare. WW1 was fought from trenches and with engagement distances covering 600 meters and out. The rifles of WW1 were thusly designed to shoot large cartridges out to 1000 meters with lethal effect. Hitler’s Blitzkrieg tactics reduced the average distances of battlefield engagement to half the distance, and relied on overwhelming fire power. While there were submachine guns like the Grease Gun and Tommy guns which fired pistol caliber cartridges like the 45ACP, those guns were more effective within 100 meters, and lacked stopping power and accuracy beyond that range.

It was for this reason that Hitler did not want to arm his troops with another MP40. The designers had to develop the gun under secrecy and name it the Maschinenpisole 43 and 44. Once Hitler saw the rifle in action, he approved of it and it was officially designated the STG44, or Sturmgewehr 44. This weapon became the basis for almost if not all modern battle weapons. Additional information about the rifle can be found here.…


I said all that just to get to this point. A reproduction of this rifle has made its way back into our country in the form of the STG44 in 22lr, the original was chambered for 8mm Kurtz and full auto. This authentic reproduction is very realistic in every way, and affordable at $435 out the door, with the originals scarce and fetching up to $15,000 and above, if you can find one. Thanks to MMP Guns in Phoenix AZ for a great deal and shout out to Joe and Henry for hooking a gun addict up. It’s a great way to own a piece of history. (They are working on a larger caliber version ??????).
So why should we celebrate or collect a gun that was used to kill allied forces and Americans? For me, it’s a strong reminder that we should not demonize a weapon because Hitler and his henchmen pulled the trigger. If it doesn’t ring a bell with you, think about what the Main Stream Media has done with their campaign against the AR 15. I love and appreciate the asthetics and mechanical innovations of firearms along with their ability to defend our Constitution and our way of life. It’s the finger behind the trigger that determines good or evil. Sorry for the long read. If you’ve made it this far, please continue your support of the channel and recommend and follow us. God Bless America, and Long Live the Republic.





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