As I mentioned yesterday, the Taurus G3 arrived too late for our testing last week, so we are going to be able to get out this Saturday morning to give it a go. If it’s anything like it’s little brother, it will be awesome. The street price will be about $270 ish, that’s basically half the price of a Glock 17.

Also, thanks to Byron’s hard work, he was able to get a hold of a Springfield Hellcat on loan for the weekend. Yes, I’m sure you could pay over MSRP and get one from a dealer if you wanted to. And some high volume Springfield distributors will have one in his hands. But who do you know that has one, and will let you take it out and shoot it for a review? Byron’s the man!

SO A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MMP GUNS AND BYRON FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN. I’m not gonna lie, I have very selfish reasons for testing this gun. I want one!… if it works! MSRP on the Hellcat is $599. Expect to pay at least that since this is a highly anticipated gun and in high demand. It can be a SIG P365 killer.

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