Good Monday afternoon Armed Citizens of America. It’s the start of another week. It’s also SHOT 2019 week! I strive to keep our readers up to date with the latest innovations in the firearms industry. With the help of industry insiders like our own Joe Escobar of MMP guns, I’m able to get us sneak peeks of 2019 offerings from major and boutique manufacturers. Today’s offering will be from Daniel Defense. Those of you who are AR fans will know this high end manufacturer of AR15s by name. One of their biggest claims to fame is their barrels are Cold Hammer Forged.

Without getting into the technical aspects of the cold hanmer forged process, the process produces a much harder barrel which will last longer than the heat forged barrels. This will give the barrel a longer life before degrading in accuracy. Up to this point Daniel Defense has been strictly an AR manufacturer. Their newest offering is a long range bolt rifle. The intended use is competition and hunting, with obvious adaptation possible for tactical purposes as well. The Delta 5 is unique that it is the only bolt rifle I know of that has a cold hammer forged barrel. As long range shooters know, accuracy life of a barrel is crucial. The more bullets travel down the barrel the more they will eat away at the land and grooves until noticeable accuracy is affected and the barrel needs to be replaced. The cold hammer forged barrel will give the rifle longer life before it is “shot out”. (The author of the source material claims 4500 rounds for 6.5 Creedmoor over the typical 2500 rounds of heat forged barrels)

The other great innovation of this rifle is it’s ability to be “modular”. Without gunsmithing tools, the bolt face and barrel can be swapped out to change calibers. That’s a great concept in the world of bolt guns. Much like the AR pattern they are famous for, the Daniel Defense Delta 5 can serve as a multi caliber platform. One last major improvement I think is useful is the bolt itself is ported. In the case of over pressure from a hand load, the excess gas will be channeled through the ports, down the magazine well. This will direct the gas away from the shooter’s face, and blow out the mag destroying it rather than the shooter’s face. Another nice adaptation of the AR platform to a bolt gun. The initial run will be available in 308, 7mm and 6.5 Creedmoor at an MSRP of $2199. For a more in-depth review of the gun’s accuracy and other features, you can check out the following link: https://www.thefirearmblog….

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