As our readers know, I’m a huge gun enthusiast. It’s been that way since I can remember. I have owned many types and styles of firearms throughout the last 35 years. One classification of firearms I have little experience in is black powder. Over the years, many preppers I have run across have been proponents of black powder weapons as back up to their primary weapons. I, like most people, have always considered black powder to be unreliable and under powered especially in hand guns. Obviously, I was wrong in my assumptions, and I completely ignored the fact that until the 1870’s, black powder has been taking down armies of men and large game across all continents. Do they still have a viable place in today’s prepper battery of arms? Let’s take a look.

With modern firearms plentiful and available, why would one bother to stock black powder firearms? What are the pros of owning black powder? Here are some reasons I ran across.

1) Black powder guns extend hunting season in some locations in the country. Owning black powder guns allow you to have more opportunities to stock up food preps when traditional hunting seasons are over.

2) Black powder guns can be purchased without any registration or regulations , and can be delivered straight from manufacturers or dealers to your front door.

3) Some municipalities do not allow ownership of handguns. Black Powder weapons are considered antique weapons to the ATF. They are not considered to be “guns” in the eyes of the law in most places. (Make sure to check the laws in your area.)

4) Black powder guns are effective enough to serve as self defense weapons.

5) Black powder guns can be loaded and stored for use if proper techniques are followed. Thus, they are reliable enough for self defense in a back up role.

6) Black powder guns can be carried safely.

7) All the components of the black powder guns can be manufactured without the need of commercial support.

8) Black powder may be the only legal way to carry a firearm in areas which do not allow open carry, or transportation of handguns.

9) Black powder components were available and plentiful during the gun panics.

10) Black powder guns come in various sizes and calibers, including rifles and shotguns as well as handguns.

Based on what I know of the topic, I wouldn’t recommend Black Powder guns to be the main source of self defense for most people. It does take practice to learn to load and store this style of weapon properly. It would not be a recommended choice for the non enthusiasts or the novice. This class of weapons would serve those in areas of overbearing gun laws, or the prepper who plans for long term survival ,not a 72 hour emergency, unless you are in an area with extreme gun laws. These videos will do a much better job of showing you the viability of Black Powder guns as a prep and self defense item than I could. Survival is about having alternatives to your alternatives. The more options one has, the greater one’s chances of surviving. As always, if you are not an Armed Citizen, become one. If you already are, arm the rest.

Video Credit: ColoradoBiker Prepper


Video credit: Paul Harrell

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