The gun that won the west in my eyes was the Colt Single Action Army 45-caliber “Peace Maker”. Anyone who grew up watching Westerns on TV or Clint Eastwood as a child will remember this gun fondly. To me, it is the most beautiful revolver ever made.


The lines are classic. The caliber stout enough to handle any job that needed handling. They are tough as nails, and would often be employed as such by hardy settlers and Cowboys. They fought the animals, outlaws, desperados, Indians, gunfighters, and anything that went bump in the night in the prairie.


As I’ve told Waylon, I have gravitated to guns that are mechanical bomb proof, and “tactical” to handle the problems of today.


I traded or sold my Colts and Winchester guns over the years to put together my SHTF gear and guns. Now that I have all I need and more than I need, I have the luxury to have some fun again with firearms.


Colt Single Actions can fetch between $1200 and upwards of however much you want to spend. Gladly, there are high quality reproductions available for a third of the price.


I brought one home with me today, and wanted to share my smile. I will be watching Tombstone tonight like this ???????. If you want share your latest purchases or favorites. Let’s celebrate the 2A, and remember we are still FREE ??????


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