This guy has a decent you tube channel, and I have posted his videos before. I will carry my HK USP, HK USP Compact, or my SIG P220 in the wild on occasion. When I think the threat is greater from 2 legged animals than 4 legged animals. I find the recoil of even hot 45 ACP loads more comfortable and manageable than 10mm or any of the magnum caliber guns. I will use Buffalo Bore hard cast bullet ammunition when I’m in the wild.

Ordinarily, Arizona is know for black bears. Byron informed me that an over 500 lb black bear, and over 1000 lb brown bear were both taken down within the last year near Payson Arizona. It’s an area I frequent when in the wild. I’ll be switching back to my G40 in 10mm as a back up to the 12 gauge from now on. But 45 ACP does have a bigger following in Alaska than I thought. Here’s a video which explores the possibility of using 45 ACP as a defensive round in the wild.

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