Before Saturday’s rally, the event’s largest turnout was about 500 people last year, said Sullivan. He explained that this year’s increase is likely due to several gun-control bills introduced at the Arizona Legislature this session, including ones that would expand background checks for firearm purchases and ban high-capacity magazines and so-called assault weapons.

Just eyeballing the crowd, I estimated 1000 people. I was at the center of the event where the speakers were talking. Apparently the peripheral areas had more people than I thought. 2500 is five times the amount of people who normally show up. Again, it takes a lot of anti gun attacks on the 2A to motivate people. This is why we are constantly under attack by the opposition. Unless we continue to push and grow the 2A, we will continue to be fighting an uphill battle.

Ad I have stated many times in the past, we need to be advancing the proliferation of the 2nd Amendment, not constantly defending our rights. We need to be on the offensive.

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