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‘The View’s Sara Haines Goes Giggly Over Jeffrey Toobin As Cohosts Don’t See The Humor

UPDATE, with video Not since Chuckles the Clown’s funeral has a giggling fit seemed harder to contain: Sara Haines couldn’t get through today’s The View discussion about Jeffrey Toobin’s recent Zoom blunder without a real tears-down-the-cheeks guffaw, even as her cohosts looked on with mostly straight faces. Toobin, of course, is the New Yorker writer and CNN legal analyst who…

Florida Reloaders Spark a Fire Igniting 100 Pounds of Powder and 10,000 Rounds of Ammunition

Two people have been hospitalized for burns suffered after touching off a fire, apparently while loading ammunition in a Venice, Florida home. From fox13news.com: The home on Sunset Beach Drive was engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived Thursday afternoon. They reported hearing the pops of exploding ammunition as the fire burned through the house and garage. Nearby residences had…

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