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Donald trump gets my vote

One of the most hilarious channels on Youtube, EDP 445. You may have laughed at him when he throws a tantrum about the his favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles over the past several years. Now though, he takes a rare leap into politics. Probably not the most political savy person in the world, but he gets the 2nd amendment. Here’s…

Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse: Are People under the age of 18 Forbidden from Open Carry of Rifles in Wisconsin?

Image from facebook, page taken down. Cropped, scaled, and green text added by Dean Weingarten. One of the questions involving the Kyle Rittenhouse defensive engagements in Kenosha, Wisconsin, just before midnight on the 25th of August, 2020, is if Kyle was forbiden from carrying an AR15 rifle, because Kyle was, at that time, four months short of his 18th birthday. …

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