Daily Archives: August 11, 2020

Four indicted in Santa Clara County Sheriff concealed gun permit scandal

Captain, reelection committee officer, two others charged with conspiracy and bribery; Sheriff Laurie Smith and security firm that got permits were not indicted, but DA says ‘we’re not done’ SAN JOSE — A grand jury has indicted a Santa Clara County Sheriff’s captain and three political supporters of Sheriff Laurie Smith for allegedly brokering a pay-for-play scheme in which campaign…

In defund police cities with rising crime, getting a gun no easy task: Near-impossible to get a permit

As crime spikes in many cities and calls to defund the police rise, so too has the demand for guns — yet while these trends widely are seen as related, it remains difficult or time-consuming in many of these same places to get a firearm. Firearm-related background checks reached 3.9 million nationally in June, the most since the tracking system was created more than two decades ago, a sign…

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