Daily Archives: August 10, 2020

OK: Disarm, Tulsa Homeowner takes gun from Intruders, Shoots both of Them

The homeowner said his dog’s barking alerted them to the intruders’ presence. Despite being pistol whipped, the homeowner told investigators he managed to take the gun away and shoot both intruders. The man found in the bedroom, who remains unidentified, was taken St. John Medical Center and was pronounced dead later Friday morning. The homeowner was reportedly hospitalized with head…

POLL: National Support for Gun Control Plummets Amid 2020 Coronavirus, Crime Surge, Race Riots

Support for this leftist policy is declining. A new poll from Rasmussen Reports reveals that nationwide support for gun control has plummeted during 2020, with only 52% of Americans describing their support for “stricter gun control laws” this year. An identical poll in 2019 revealed that 64% of Americans supported stricter gun control in 2019, with 12% changing their position…

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