Daily Archives: August 4, 2020

How The Media Lies About Guns

The fact that the media is biased against guns isn’t really a surprising fact. Anyone who watches the news in the aftermath of a mass shooting should be able to see it for themselves. Anti-gun voices are interviewed frequently and without any pushback. Pro-gun voices are interviewed either with an anti-gunner or the host themself pushes back. There’s very little…

Guns taken in 1st local case involving Virginia’s new ‘red flag’ law

WINCHESTER — “What’s the point in living?” “I just want to die.” Those were the comments police said a man made prior to having his guns taken in the first local case involving Virginia’s new “red flag” law. The case was adjudicated on Monday in Winchester Circuit Court. The 45-year-old Winchester man made the suicidal threats while in possession of a…

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