Daily Archives: June 22, 2020

Virginia Cities Adopting New Gun Control Laws As Northam’s Agenda Takes Effect

Technically, the half-dozen gun control laws signed by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam don’t take effect until July 1st, but city council members in Alexandria, Virginia aren’t waiting for them to kick in before passing some local restrictions of their own. Empowered by a new law that allows cities to ban guns in government buildings and public spaces, politicians in the D.C.…

More Than 90 People Have Been Shot In Minneapolis In The Past Month

While Minneapolis City Council members are still determined to abolish the city’s police force, residents may be having some second thoughts after a huge spike in the number of shootings in the city. On Saturday evening, twelve people were shot, one fatally, in an exchange of gunfire between multiple individuals in the city’s Uptown neighborhood. The violence began about 12:37 a.m. Sunday,…

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