Daily Archives: June 17, 2020

D.C. Police Figure Out A New Kind Of Gun Ban

In the case of Heller vs. D.C., the district’s handgun ban was determined to be unconstitutional, that common classes of firearms cannot be banned–a fact that the Court needs to remember when it comes to assault weapons–and thus ending the long nightmare for residents. It also did wonders for many people throughout the country, giving them hope that our rights will…

Chicago Police no longer responding to active shootings?

You be the judge. Radio traffic of shootout underway and the CPD says “let them do it”: This comes after Mayor Lightfoot ignored pleas for help from an Alderman and also told citizens to “not take matters into their own hands. Call the police” in regards to rioting and looting/defending property: https://www.mom-at-arms.com/post/to-the-good-people-of-chicago-you-are-on-your-own-the-mayor-will-not-help-you So, citizens of Chicago, you really are on…

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