Daily Archives: March 29, 2020

Conspiracy Theory…..or Not?

The corona Virus traveled entire world from Wuhan but it did not reach Beijing and Shanghai… can anybody shed light on this ? Looks So Logical….After all the Chinese Stock Market didn’t crash….American and European Markets did…. Destroy other markets and be ready to capture them in every way How to dominate the world quickly? THE GREAT CHINESE STAGE 1.…

Anti-Gunners Continue To Argue Gun Stores Not “Essential”

As governor after governor declares gun stores as essential businesses, there are those who disagree. Honestly, that’s fine. Disagreement is healthy. The last thing we really need on most issues is a national echo chamber. However, it’s almost comical how anti-gunners continue to beat this particular drum. The latest example of this comes from Newsday where our journalistic betters have…

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