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MLB Star Banned From World Series Reunion Over ‘Politically Incorrect’ Tweets, Photo Of Gun Range With Sons

On Monday, The Athletic reported that MLB star Aubrey Huff was barred from the upcoming 2010 World Series Championship reunion over his past tweets, which includes a photo of Huff at a gun range with his sons and a tweet joking about Iranian women. “Earlier this month, we reached out to Aubrey Huff to let him know that he will not…

Disarming the Poor

The Second Amendment protects the right of “the people,” not just the privileged few, to keep and bear arms. Yet, far too often, government-imposed barriers to this right—like outrageous “sin” taxes on gun and ammunition purchases, expensive permit fees and burdensome application processes—have the direct effect of disarming peaceable, law-abiding citizens simply because they are poor. I know, because I’ve…

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