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Tone Deaf Bloomberg Holds Rally in Virginia; Gets A Gun Rights Rally Instead

Richmond, VA–Talk about tone deaf.  Michael Bloomberg, like most leftist elites, thinks that he’s God’s gift to humanity. So imagine his surprise when he rolled into Arlington, Virginia for a presidential campaign rally where he was going to stump for gun control like usual.  But instead of finding hundreds of paid admirers, Bloomberg had reality slap him in the face.…

FBI Data: Violent Crime Continues to Fall While Legislatures Move to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’

As states across the country begin their legislative sessions, gun control advocates are once again fighting to ban modern sporting rifles and generally restrict the Second Amendment rights of Americans. While these advocates will use emotional pleas to argue for their irrational policies that would do nothing to help prevent the criminal misuse of firearms, we would point to the…

Florida Home Invader’s Advice: Buy a Gun to Protect Your Family

As actionnewsjax.com reports, “Two masked men are accused of forcing their way into a Jacksonville family’s home after stealing another woman’s car at gunpoint. One of the victims told Action News Jax that during the home invasion, one of the suspects told him he should get a gun to protect his family.” Even the criminals believe gun control doesn’t help protect society.

KY: Homeowner uses .22 Handgun to Stop Attacker

http://www.k105.com/2020/02/07/fearing-for-his-familys-life-ohio-co-homeowner-shoots-prowler-multiple-times/ Beatty said that when Stewart got to his front door, Hardin continued up the steps and onto the porch, where Stewart shot Hardin four times with a .22 caliber handgun. Hardin was transported to Ohio County Regional Hospital with life-threatening injuries, Beatty said. Hardin is believed to have been under the influence at the time of the shooting. 22LR…

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