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Changes continue for Pennsylvania gun laws

Lawmakers propose a number of bills to change Pennsylvania gun laws. Govenor Tom Wolf expressing at a legislative session to “make 2020 the year we act” on gun control issues. Legislators are taking action at the state’s capital, looking to employ stricter gun control laws. One measure is House Bill 2060. “That has to do with protection abuse orders giving…

Out Of The Office

I’ll be at MMP Guns all day today. I’ll be helping the guys out with their VIP customers event. It’s basically a by invite event that takes place after the shop closes. If you’re in the Phoenix area drop by and say hi. Have a great Saturday everyone.


The upcoming Internationale Waffen Ausstellung (International Weapons Exhibition) OutdoorClassics show, held in Nürnberg, Germany, has been postponed due to caution over the spread of coronavirus. The annual event, organized by NürnbergMesse, was set to take place March 6-9 but has been kicked down the road to a date sometime later this year which has yet to be determined. Bat eating…

Bill to Allow Gun Destruction Advances in Washington State

27 years ago, Washington state passed a bill requiring the Washington State Police to sell valuable firearms rather than destroying them. Provisions were made for the destruction of firearms which could not be legally owned. For political reasons, local law enforcement agencies were not included. In some of those jurisdictions, such as the Yakima Police Department and Vancouver Police department,…

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