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Trump warns of ‘attack’ on 2nd Amendment ahead of Virginia gun rights rally

Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems! https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/478885-trump-warns-of-attack-on-2nd-amendment-ahead-of-virginia-gun-rights If nothing else has happened in Virginia, the DNC’s minor victory in a battle will result in them losing the war. Every…

Gun groups: Virginia Democrats want violence to disrupt, ‘smear’ gun control protest

https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/gun-groups-virginia-democrats-want-violence-to-disrupt-smear-gun-control-protest On Wednesday, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam declared an emergency around the state capital for the Monday event, declaring that there “are considered credible threats” of violence, but he didn’t give details. As a result, guns are banned in the area, even by those who have legal concealed carry permits. It should go without saying that the anti-gun groups, the…

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