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Iron Byron’s Take On Democrats And Gun Laws

https://kickinbrasspodcast.com/bs-blog/f/what-are-they-thinking B’s thoughts on democratic candidates and their views on gun control. These guys aren’t stupid. They aren’t unaware of the facts. Anyone who is a billionaire or in public office has the intelligence to understand laws don’t stop criminals. Laws define the crime and set the punishment for law breakers. People who are intent on committing mass murderers are…

20’ Python Being Introduced

https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2020/1/1/new-for-2020-colt-python/?fbclid=IwAR3-yDIG_XJINJd5xzZNddfE6MLkAZ6wjP5Lic3i-h8Uwe_vVRP8qcOLdHU I’m not sure that this will cure my desire for a vintage Python. But it would be nice to have a shooter, and one to collect. Colt is banking on those who can not afford the astronomical prices of the vintage snake guns to jump on the new model. This may reduce the demand for the vintage guns, and…

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